Inspired by Innovation

Driven by curiosity

Our work is as important as the enjoyment we get from doing it.  Our experience in the design, manufacture, and testing of aerospace products positions us to  partner with industry-leading suppliers.

Our Processes Are Designed To Be Collaborative
And Flexible To Solve Your Problem

Our ServicesOur Projects

We help Customers solve business problems by fusing relationships, innovation, and strategy. This is accomplished through a comprehensive process that's rooted in collaboration of all parties including our Customers and Trusted Partners. And the ultimate factor in being able to produce exceptional results is the capabilities our trusted partners bring to the solution: technology, resources, equipment and experience. These are provided both in individaul or comprehensive solutions that we provide to our Customers as demonstrated through AB Aero Partners' Services and Projects.

Meet our Leadership Team

Arne Thompson

Managing Partner

‍Arne Thompson isthe Managing Partner of AB Aero Partners, where he drives company growth through brand building, supplier and other strategic relations. Arne has a demonstrated ability to be responsible for driving operational excellence through product, people, quality, and innovation initiatives. He leverages his30 years of experience in Aerospace and Marine to help companies drive product development and streamline supply chains for efficiency.

Brian Retzloff

Managing Partner

Brian Retzloff is a Managing Partner of AB Aero Partners, where he provides leadership to drive the industry forward through technologically advanced and innovative solutions for global aerospace and defense. With over 40 years leadership experience in advanced aerospace tooling, foundry tooling, structural and non-structural composite manufacturing, Brian drives advanced technology solutions through leveraging partner network and synergies.